Thursday, April 30, 2009


I'm having a tough day in a tough week. But my friends, well, they are the best in the world. I don't know how I got so lucky.

Yesterday, one of my friends took me to dinner and drinks at Pour at Four followed by a fun presentation on food blogs at the local library.

Today, another friend dropped off flowers and cupcakes at my door, with the sweetest little card attached.
It says, "You don't have to share"

Then, a third friend told me to get my butt to The Rosewood (where nobody, including her, really cares if I've showered) for a bite, some company, and to support Dine Out for Life. I'm going to eat some leftover pizza at home because it is so delicious and I'm still feeling anti-social. But I am going to head to Rosewood at 6:00 for dessert and glass of wine.

Yes, that means I'll have had like three desserts today. You got a problem with that?


  1. Nope. No problem here. But, um, I couldn't help but notice there were three cupcakes? One for you, one for Rick, and one I know, I know -- you've already given it to Pandora [sigh].

  2. Pandora is not getting anywhere near my cupcakes. She is banned outside for the evening for getting into the litter box again.