Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gratitude 6 & 7 (The first weekend)

I posted my gratitude for days 6 and 7 on Facebook late at night. I'd like to track my gratitude here on my blog, so I'm adding them now. 

Day 6, late Saturday night, "Good day. Oh! Need to post gratitude. Today I am grateful to be a Tacoman. Seriously, I love this town." Context: Stadium Art & Wine Walk with Rick, Amy, Justin, and Matt.

Day 7, late Sunday night, "Tonight I am grateful that the only time sensitive item on my calendar for tomorrow is meeting my friend Josh in the late evening." Context: feeling a bit blue, couldn't think of anything to post about Sunday, so I grasped at Monday. Did I bounce back on Monday? No. And I didn't even manage to leave the house to go see Josh. Lame. More on the blues in next post, which will most likely be titled, "Gratitude Restart."

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