Friday, May 1, 2009

Steps in the Right Direction #1

Part 1 in a Series

Reducing Water Consumption

When I start the water for the shower, I put a pitcher under the spout until the warm water gets there. I use the water for my houseplants and the dog's bowl. The pitcher is ugly, but it is what we had on hand and it works.

Last summer we installed a rain barrel that collects rainwater from one of our rain spouts. We use the water on the lawn and in the vegetable garden. The rain barrel was made here in Tacoma by Dan Borba from a recycled food container. We need to put a few more blocks under it, as originally recommended by Dan, to increase the flow when the water gets low.


  1. My mom collects the water from the "warming up" phase of the shower too. In addition to the plants she pours the water in the washing machine when it is filling to save the amount of water used in the wash cycle.

  2. Oh! I wish I could do that with the washer. The downside of a front loader...